Monday, October 8, 2012

Tyndale Rewards!

I have been meaning to writing this post for over a week now and just haven't gotten it done! Anyway, Tyndale Publishing has started a rewards program. I am a part of their blogging for books program so I was super excited to hear about this new addition!

Sign up with this link and you will receive 25 points just for using this link to sign up!!

It is a super simple program, you don't have to do anything crazy or difficult. You earn points with surveys, inviting others, reading their newsletters, and reviewing products.

Here is what I did as soon as I signed up: I went into the "Earn Points" section and clicked the accept their newsletters, told them my birthday (you get points for telling them your birthday and then you get a free gift on your special day!), answered a survey, and voila! I was able to get two free books right then. Their inventory changes on what they offer, so there is a bit to choose from. I received the first book in the mail today, it only took a week to get here!

Also, when I signed up I had no idea that audio books would be on there as well! I scrolled down the list and The Chronicles of Narnia on CD was there!

Here is the link Tyndale Rewards.

I am super excited about this program, check it out!

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