Wednesday, October 21, 2015

God's Good News Bible Storybook Review


About the Book

Christianity is Good News. . . . When we open up the Bible it is Good News from cover to cover. It s the Good News that God loves us. Billy Graham

No one has brought the Good News to more people than the Reverend Billy Graham, and the people who admire him span all generations. This Bible storybook will be a timeless classic for parents and grandparents to give a new generation of children the Good News; to show them the way to the cross; and to help them begin a lifetime of following Christ.

God s Good News Bible Storybookis a collection of over 60 favorite Bible stories including Noah, Joseph, Moses, David, Jesus, and the disciples and each is equipped with a takeaway devotion from Rev. Graham.The takeaways will help children focus on God s Word, apply it to their lives, and begin walking with God and sharing the Good News from an early age. The striking artwork from Scott Wakefield will help children connect with the timeless Bible stories and messages from Rev. Graham.


My Thoughts

This book is huge, which is a good thing since it is supposed to cover the entire Bible! It covers the typical Bible stories in the Old Testament, Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, etc. It pretty much keeps to those selected verses with little clips from Billy Graham about the particular story. So no this doesn't copy the Bible word for word by any means. The New Testament is pretty much Jesus' birth, life, and resurrection. Then in a short few last pages it hops around from Acts, and few things in between to one page on Revelation the end. It does talk about Jesus' plan for the church but I feel like so many of these books tell the story and it all just ends with Jesus' death and resurrection. Which is so important but that doesn't show kids what to do now. So I think it would be the parents job to explain what the rest of the New Testament is about and what to do now.
So I do think this is a great book for younger kids just learning about different events in the Bible, as long as an adult can help further their learning and explain the parts that are left out.

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