Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How to Overcome Worry Review


About the Book

Scripture’s cure for the worry epidemic

Do you struggle with worry or anxious thoughts on a regular basis? Does your mind get fixated on the same concern over and over? Do you know you should stop worrying but repeatedly fail to do so?

How to Overcome Worry presents a biblical and practical strategy for this exact problem. Dr. Winfred Neely, who has experienced his fair share of anxiety-inducing circumstances, walks you through Philippians 4:6–7 to help you:

Understand the difference between concern and worry
Use prayer as a means of grace to overcome worry
Cultivate gratitude and thanksgiving as an antidote to worry
Navigate changing seasons and circumstances without falling into worry
Employ practical strategies for experiencing the peace of God
Worry is one of the top issues in our world today, even among Christians, and this concise and biblical approach will offer real solutions. In His Word, God tells us to stop worrying, pray about everything, and expect His peace. This is a true promise of Scripture, and this book will help you to lay hold of it. (Goodreads)

 My Thoughts

This is a very small book but has some great thought provoking ideas. Worry is a struggle and a constant for me. I like the explanation between concern and worry, something that gets jumbled. I enjoyed the first few parts of the book, after that I found it to be nothing I hadn't read before. So while overall there were some good things to take away, it probably isn't a book I would read again. 

Three stars. 

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