Sunday, October 21, 2018

On This Christmas: A Five-Year Journal


 About the Journal

Capture five years of your favorite Christmas memories in this beautiful, keepsake guided journal. Building on the highly popular "one line a day" journal concept, On This Christmas: A Five-Year Journal of Your Favorite Traditions, Memories, and Gifts is an interactive keepsake that allows you to record your holiday celebrations over the course of five years.

Every joyful Christmas season you think, I'll never forget this! But the memories slip quietly away over time. Now you can save them and treasure them all in one place. This Christmas is a five-year guided journal with thought-provoking prompts such as "The gift I'm most excited to share," "We are choosing to slow down the holiday by ______," "A special blessing we enjoyed," and "Our favorite tradition this year." With Scripture and inspirational thoughts, This Christmas will help you preserve precious times with friends and family as you celebrate the Christmas season. (Goodreads)

 My Thoughts

I am a huge fan of writing in any type of journal. I also have been using a year round five- year journal for four years now. I like being able to go back and see what was going on in my head. Also, these types of journals are easy! A question is asked and you just need to write a line or two! Example: What is one of the most fun things you do at Christmas in your town? You might not realize how your interests change until you write them down year by year. I LOVE doing this just for the holidays! This journal starts on December 1st and ends Christmas day. I think this would be great to add to your devotion time or even to simply get the family talking about different aspects of Christmas. Bible verses are throughout the little book and there are some lovely winter pictures that add to the festive feeling. 
This would make a great gift too! 
Five stars! 

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