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The Healing of Natalie Curtis

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About the Book

Classically trained pianist and singer Natalie Curtis isolated herself for five years after a breakdown just before she was to debut with the New York Philharmonic. Guilt-ridden and songless, Natalie can't seem to recapture the joy music once brought her. In 1902, her brother invites her to join him in the West to search for healing. What she finds are songs she'd never before encountered--the haunting melodies, rhythms, and stories of Native Americans.

But their music is under attack. The US government's Code of Offenses prohibits American's indigenous people from singing, dancing, or speaking their own languages as the powers that be insist on assimilation. Natalie makes it her mission not only to document these songs before they disappear but to appeal to President Teddy Roosevelt himself, who is the only man with the power to repeal the unjust law. Will she succeed and step into a new song . . . and a new future?

Award-winning author Jane Kirkpatrick weaves yet another lyrical tale based on a true story that will keep readers captivated to the very end. (Goodreads)
My Thoughts
I really enjoy reading the books that Jane Kirkpatrick writes because they are full of historical details. The cover of this book is one of the most beautiful and unique covers I have seen. 
I enjoyed this book mostly in the first section of the story. I was really intrigued on what was going to happen (which Natalie was a real person and this is a real story) and I had never heard of Natalie until reading this book. Of course her life is fictionalized in this book and I found it fascinating that a woman wanted to experience the West in 1902. Let alone spend time with different Indian tribes. It really is interesting how they traveled and who they communicated with. The main part of this book is that traditional music and dancing (among many other things) was forbidden among the Indians since the country wanted to them to be just like the settlers that took over the land. They also had control because of the reservations they were put on. It really is a horrible part of the history of the America and I am glad people are writing about it. 
In any case while all of the historical details were very interesting the latter part of the book was really difficult to get through. Not much happens though time spans a few years. I know Kirkpatrick was writing about a real person but I really didn't love Natalie's character. 
So if you enjoy historical fiction this could be the book for you. I enjoyed it but it ended up not being my favorite book by Kirkpatrick. 

Three Stars. 

"I received this book from Revell for free. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review."

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