Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Lifemark Movie Review & Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!



 About the Movie

 David’s comfortable world is turned upside down when his birthmother
unexpectedly reaches out to him, longing to meet the 18-year-old son she’s only
held once. With the encouragement of his adoptive parents, David embarks on a
journey of discovery that leads to a staggering truth from his past. From executive
producers Kirk Cameron and the Kendrick Brothers—creators of War Room and Fire-
proof—comes LIFEMARK, inspired by an incredible true story that celebrates the
gift of life.


In theaters September 9th!

LIFEMARK is a story of hope, of overcoming the obstacles life throws at us, reveling
in the art of faith, grace, and perseverance.



One $10 Amazon gift card 

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My Thoughts

This movie will capture your full attention and keep you thinking long after it is over. I was a tad confused with the first fifteen minutes or so because there is an added story line that just seemed thrown in at random. But after that, I was all in on following David's journey. This story line is very relevant and I think viewers will be surprised. 

There is a certain depth and thought that went into making this film that is evident while watching. It is going to open some eyes and touch many hearts. I really enjoyed David's friend Nate who is comic relief for a pretty heavy movie. This film is completely based on a true story which is all the more encouraging. While some things were a bit over dramatized and not every adoption story is the same, I am thankful for those that made this movie. It is a story that needs told, recognized, and shared. 

 Five Stars!! 

Many thanks to WTA Media for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.







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