Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Year is Over

This year has seemed to have gone by very quickly. 2012 is around the corner and I'm trying to remember what happened in 2011. A lot changed for me this year and mylife is completely different then it was a year ago.(forgive me I am typing on a very small keyboard that is touchscreen) I started college classes in January after moving to Goodland, Kansas to be closer to my fiancé, now husband. A long distance relationship for two and a half years was more than enough years apart in my mind.

I started my first job in Kansas working nights which was also a first.
I traded in my Jeep and bought a car.
I started blogging more and doing blogging for books which I find ingenious!
I discovered more about Kansas- its not all flat.
I was/am continually working on trusting in God fully, especially with finding a job. This was really difficult for me this year.
My aunt got married in Corpus Christi,Texas and it was the first wedding I had been in.

Chance and I were married on July 28th in Jackson Hole Wyoming in the backyard of a bed and breakfast. This was my big event this year and made the year memorable.

Completed three semesters of college.

Celebrated our first Christmas together.

I bought a beautiful Pentax camera and Chance gave me a new lens to go with it this Christmas.

I will continue this list in my next post along with my new year resolutions!

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Callie said...

It's been a big year for you! Hope 2012 brings great things for you and your hubby!