Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Good Book Movie Review

About the Movie

The Good Book movie is the first evangelical silent feature to be released since sound was added to movies.  It tells the story of a small New Testament that is passed along from individual to individual. These include young and old, rich and poor, blessed and forsaken. For seven of the strangers, it provides hope and meaning when they need it most. 

Mainstreet Productions husband and wife team Fred and Sharon Wilharm produced their first faith-based feature in 2000. The Good Book  movie is their fifth. Past movies include Class of 91 and Flowers for Fannie. When he's not making movies, Fred is busy producing commercials, web videos, and music videos. Sharon is the editor/ writer for Faith Flix, a blog focused on faith-based filmmaking. 

My Review

When I first heard about this movie I was like, "Silent movie? Would anyone watch it?" I went on to discover one of the reasons why they went silent-everyone was complaining about cheesy lines from other Christian films. So take the speaking out and there you have a silent movie. I was really surprised at how well done this was made. The music is perfect, the acting is actually quite good, and the main story lines hit home base. The movie goes through a lot of stories based upon people who receive this small Bible. Each person hands it to the next and the viewer watches how it can effect that person. The story lines are very real and hit close to home, they don't sugar coat pain that people experience. While yes, everything is silent except the music, I really didn't feel like I needed words. I knew what was happening and it had the same effect on me as it would with words. 
I will admit I think it ran a little long. I enjoyed the movie but by the end I told myself it had to end sometime. 

Overall I really enjoyed this movie much more than I thought I would. 

I highly recommend anyone to watch it! You will be surprised at how much you enjoy it. 

"I received this film for free in exchange for an honest review."


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