Monday, February 21, 2022

The Lady of Galway Manor Review



About the Book

 In 1920, Annabeth De Lacy's father is appointed landlord of Galway Parish in Ireland. Bored without all the trappings of the British Court, Annabeth convinces her father to arrange an apprenticeship for her with the Jennings family--descendants of the creator of the famed Claddagh Ring.

Stephen Jennings longs to do anything other than run his family's jewelry shop. Having had his heart broken, he no longer believes in love and is weary of peddling the ÒliesÓ the Claddagh Ring promises.

Meanwhile, as the war for Irish independence gains strength, many locals resent the De Lacys and decide to take things into their own hands to display their displeasure. As events take a dangerous turn for Annabeth and her family, she and Stephen begin to see that perhaps the "other side" isn't quite as barbaric and uncultured as they'd been led to believe--and that the bonds of friendship, love, and loyalty are only made stronger when put through the refiner's fire.

Travel to the Emerald Isle for another poignant and romantic story from the enchanted pen of Jennifer Deibel. (Goodreads)



My Thoughts

Who doesn't love an Irish legend, unique characters, and a fantastic setting?! I hope to visit Ireland some day but for now I try to do so via the books I read. This story is a great escape to the beautiful country and I enjoyed the story of the Claddagh ring. I also like how Annabeth changes it slightly in the end (read it to know what I mean!). This is a fun story that has a bit of romance. At times this book moved a bit slow for me. I felt like I didn't get to know the characters as much as I would have liked. I enjoyed the majority of this book but at times I felt like it was just missing something to keep my interest totally invested. This is a fun read with all of the Ireland facts though and I found that to be most interesting. 

Take a step back in time and visit Ireland with this new book by Jennifer Deibel! 

Three Stars. 

"I received this book from Revell for free. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review."

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