Friday, February 11, 2022

To Disguise the Truth Review



 About the Book

When Arthur Livingston arrives out of the blue at the Bleecker Street Inquiry Agency, anxious to hire the agency to seek out a missing heiress, Eunice Holbrooke realizes her past has finally caught up with her.

Having fled from the scene of her grandfather's murder seven years before, Eunice is a lady with secrets--the most important that she is the missing heiress Arthur is seeking. She has no intention of allowing him to learn she's been disguising herself, especially when she has reason to believe Arthur could hold her responsible for her grandfather's death.

In order to avoid Arthur and conceal her real identity, Eunice takes on another case that requires her to go deep undercover. With secrets from the past--and Arthur--appearing wherever she looks, she wonders how she will ever uncover the truth behind her grandfather's murder. Will what she discovers set Eunice free or place her in peril's way? (Goodreads)


My Thoughts

If you haven't read a Jen Turano book then you are in for a fun surprise. Her writing is so unique and clever that she really stands out as an author. While this wasn't my favorite book of hers, I still enjoyed the humorous story line. The characters in this book are actually well developed and I felt like I got to know them by the end of the book. I liked the setting but the banter between each person is just the best. I love the hilarious snippets that is in all of Turano's novels but this one really had some zingers. The Bleecker Street Inquiry Agency is interesting and there were some parts that I found to be a bit slow or drawn out. But for an "entertaining, somewhat silly, yet deep down has depth story" it is a fun read. 

Four stars. 


"I received this book from Bethany House for free. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review."

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