Saturday, April 30, 2011

Newspaper Writing

Tonight at work in the hotel, I realized how much I miss newspaper writing. I get the newspapers every morning to put by peoples' doors in the hotel. After completing that task I noticed my hands. Black smudges from the newspapers covered my fingers. Now I'm sure this sounds silly, but I absolutely love those black smudges. I love the smell of newspapers. Have you ever been in an actual newspaper office? Amazing. I love it.

Most of the time I look back at my high school career and think I wasted most of that time. But then I change it from wasted to I didn't care much about any of what went along with high school. The best things I remember from high school are the days of my senior year. It was the year I wrote for the school newspaper. At the start I didn't even want to be on the newspaper. Figured I couldn't do it, because I hadn't done newspaper stories in a long time. But I was put in that class in any case. Thank God. It ended up being my escape from the rest of my classes. Each month I wrote a column and then wrote whatever story I signed up for and was assigned. Jessie (the editor) was super and let me pick the stories I wanted to write about. My favorite thing to do was interview people. I met some of the weirdest, most awesome people through interviews. One lady was doing an outreach project, I got to cover the Special Olympics(way cool), and I got to take pictures along the way! :) Doesn't get much better then that. I was so proud when I got awards from different colleges for my writing. Though it was just a piece of paper, it felt like my biggest accomplishment.It was something I got excited about. Everyone needs something to get excited about.
I really hope that God has it in my future to write again.

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