Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Healing Your Church Hurt Book Review

Healing Your Church Hurt by Stephen Mansfield was a much better book than I was expecting. It is not a book that will help all of your personal church problems, nor is it a book that will magically make you feel completely better about something that has happened to upset you in the church. Mansfield adds a touch of humor to his writing but gets straight to the point, he doesn't sugarcoat anything. Some parts of the book I found more interesting than others but only because I was reading from my personal perspective.

A sentence that made me think was, "Christianity is not the absence of stupidity and hurt. Christianity is the message of a God who uses our stupidity and hurt to make us what we are destined to be".

He also takes note of something that I think is very true that I had never thought about. "One of the most endearing features of the Bible is how God chose to portray people without apology in their raw and fallen state". This is so true when you think about all of the different people God talks about in the Bible. David-a liar, murderer, and so on.

Mansfield brings up a lot of new ways to think about things, not change what happened, but to see things in a different perspective.

Healing Your Church Hurt is a thought provoking read if not anything else.

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