Monday, February 6, 2012

Making Leaf Placemats into Pillows

I typed in "leaf pillow" search after making my pillows and realized that I must be the last person to have heard about this fun idea. In any case I thought I would write a post about it and what I did that made it a bit cheaper to make.

I first heard about this idea while browsing on Pinterest and thought these would make the cutest pillows on our couch! I also realized that I had seen these place mats at Wal-mart for the last few months but did not want to spend the money on something I probably wouldn't end up using.

I paid $0.75 cents for each place mat and I bought all they that had left because this is a wonderful gift idea.

I then wandered back to crafts to buy the stuffing and realized that it is not cheap! Over three dollars for a bag that would not stuff all of the pillows I was planning on making. So, my husband ( I love him for this) suggested buying the super cheap regular pillows, cutting them open, and using that stuffing. The regular pillows are $2.50 and hold twice as much as a bag of stuffing.

I discovered that there was one seam that was the easiest to tear out on all of the pillows and then I stuffed the leaf.

I made nine pillows for extremely cheap, and you can't buy cheap pillows anymore, even the small ones! If Walt-mart had any left I would buy more. : )

I also discovered that the pillows will look great on our bed, not just the couch.

This was too much fun, especially on a cold day when you want to stay inside.

Has anyone else done any DIY projects? If so what were they?


Callie said...

This is a great idea, Michelle! They turned out great! And I like the idea of buying pillows to use the stuffing - I wouldn't have thought of that.

Unknown said...

Those are so cute! I love this idea!