Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Book Giveaway!!!!

Yay! I'm going to do another book giveaway on my blog this month. Since it's April and it's spring (at least in Kansas) I decided that a giveaway was in order.

I will be giving away one copy of The Scent of Cherry Blossoms by Cindy Woodsmall.

In order to participate you must leave a comment about anything that has to do with spring. You can comment that you can't wait until the flowers bloom or that spring is great because you can wear your flip flops again. Say whatever you would like that has to do with spring.

This giveaway will end on Thursday April 12th and I will announce the winner on the 13th! I will be using to pick the winner.

Once I announce the results I will email the person selected to obtain the mailing info so I can send the book to the lucky winner!

I have previously written a review for this book here.

If you are interested in more details of the book you can read the first chapter at this site.

I really enjoy Woodsmall's writing and I think she does amazing job of portraying the Amish life.

This would be a great read for this spring or really any time of the year!


Callie said...

Sign me up! This spring I'm loving all the flowering trees in town. Usually the buds don't come out until later in the year, so this has been lovely!

Inspired said...

This fall I planted my first round of bulbs... So... this Spring I am so enjoying watching them all bud and blossom. They are a perfect reminder of fresh starts.

This Spring is also my most exciting one yet! My husband and I find out the gender of our first baby! Yipee!!

(So excited you chose this book, I LOVE reading Amish stories but have never read any by this author!)

Rachel said...

Spring time makes me think of babies (as you well know michelle ;-) lol) and mine should be here soon! Yay! I also like reading amish stories esp cause I like to see how accurate they are since my parents are mennonite and I know a lil bit about the amish :-) and all the budding trees make me happy esp when its in my yard cause that means fresh fruit this fall :-)

Hannah said...

I love spring because of the new growth in nature, makes me reflect on my own life to see where I need to have new growth in my relationship with God, my husband, girls and family and friends. Also love seeing the birds appear again.

Sandra said...

The birds singing is what I look forward to in Spring. We don't have a lot of trees around our house, but they make their homes in the eves of our carport. Being so close to our house, I can hear them singing all day. Thanks for this contest. Cindy Woodsmall got me started reading Amish fiction with her "Sisters of the Quilt Series."

Julie said...

I love Spring. It is great watching everything wake up from winter. All of the pretty colors, the birds start singing, we get rain and it smells so wonderful.

Echo said...

I love the GREEN that comes with Spring! :)

Sandra said...

Could you please tell us who won the book? And congratulations to that person!

Michelle said...

Hi Sandra! I posted the winner on the 13th here-
Alex(Inspired above) won the book giveaway! But there is good news for everyone else, I will be doing a book giveaway hopefully every month!
Thanks for participating!