Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Titanic Tea

 Me, Mom, and Grandma

I understand this is a bit late but life around here has been rather crazy! Last month I was able to attend the "Titanic Tea Party" hosted by Deeanne Gist who is one of my favorite authors. I had bought two tickets last December for my mom and I and we decided to dress up for the occasion. My mom found our clothes at a small costume shop in the town I grew up in so I had no idea what my outfit was until the day of the party.

About a month before the party, it was decided that Julie (mother-in-law), Echo (sister-in-law), and Margaret (my grandma) should also join in on the fun.

 Julie figured since we were going to be in the big city we might as well stop by the Molly Brown Museum since she was a Titanic survivor.  This was a neat tour of her house in Denver, Colorado that we all enjoyed before our tea party.

We all dressed up for this grand event, I even wore boots! When we got to the party we were a little early and some of the first people to arrive. Deeanne came right over to us to comment on our outfits, I thought this was the most amazing thing. We each were given a person that we would be as if we were on the Titanic and at the end of the party we found out our fate. Most of us survived even though I was third class.

So fun and pretty table.

The tea was so much fun, we played games, ate delicious food, met multiple Romance authors who gave us autographed books, and drank a lot of tea! At the end of the afternoon we were able to keep our cup and saucer! Our small group also made our way to see Deeanne and get a couple autographs before we left.

 Julie and Echo

 Tennessee (Lady in pink) is Deeanne's daughter. We are playing a game trying to figure out what part of the outfit went on first.

 Do you see those yummy looking tarts?

 My Mom, Grandma, and Myself

Sometimes it's just necessary to have a little fun!

Myself, Deeanne, Julie, and Echo


Echo said...

Hurray for a great time! I'm glad we all got to go - it was so much fun. :)

Julie said...

Michelle, thanks for including us. It was alot of fun!

Callie said...

Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun! You all look so great in your dresses!