Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Cruel Harvest Book Review

A Cruel Harvest by Fran Grubb is an extremely difficult book to read. When I requested this book I knew it was going to be sad by reading the back cover. I really am not sure how to put this story into words.

"Get out here, now, or I'm gonna kill you!" he hollered.
Little girls are hardwired to hold their daddies in high esteem, so it comes as a shock the first time a daughter feels the back of her daddy's hand across her face . . . or watches him punch and kick her mother to within an inch of her life.
How could this be? Her older sisters teach her how to survive, even when he comes for her in the night.
A girl learns to become invisible, to look the other way, to say nothing when a curious stranger asks if she's okay. To lie. To expect nothing, not even from relatives.
To cry without tears.
To pray silently.
When she is fourteen, and weary, a girl begins to wish she were dead. Cruel Harvest is the compelling story of how she lived instead.

This is not fiction, this is real life. The more I read, the sadder I became. This book made me feel mad, sad, and selfish. This is a story about little children who were starved and beaten and saw awful horrible things in only a few short words. What's worse, this is not an uncommon story. What makes this woman different with her story is that she has an incredible faith in Christ, even with a horrific childhood past.

I encourage anyone to read this book, but it is graphic and not easy to helplessly read when all you want to do is help Fran escape.

This shows how amazing Christ is and how people can forgive, even those who once tried to hurt them.

Check out this link about Cruel Harvest.

"I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson Publishing through their Booksneeze program."

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Written Hypocritten said...

I read your review. I read the same book recently.

I agree with everything you said except the graphic part. I did think the subjects were graphic by nature, but I felt she did a good job at not reflecting on the disgusting details and just mentioning as much as she needed to to accurately portray her story.

Happy reading! :)