Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the god of me-final week in gods at war Bible study

The god of me was definitely a week that really hit home. This is what every idol revolves around-myself and what I want. I treasure my personal time and tend to stay at home and not talk to people.

Whichever god wins the war-wins control over us.

We often think that we are the center of the world. Why is this happening to me? Why can't my day go better? I need this. How many times do you think about yourself during the day? Is our personal success the most important thing to us? Is it not what we think about daily, do get as far ahead as we can or get a better job to make more money to get things that we want. 

Will I worship God or myself?

We learned this week about a man who was scared of God. I had personally never had this idea that God would be considered scary. I was brought up seeing God as a friend or father, not someone who is mean or awful. In turn, this man acted out in his hatred toward God. He got involved with the porn industry and started producing his own and hiring models. Over a matter of years, God put a group of people in his life to open his eyes to see how God is loving, and not someone who wants to ruin people's lives. 

The man mentioned something about how he views his past and said "I loved me a lot more than my wife". He loved himself so much that all he wanted was to make himself "happy" with porn or creating it for other people. These addictions that we have revolve around us and what we think we have to have. 
Eventually this man's life was completely changed, and while he lost everything that his money had gotten him, he felt peace and had started a relationship with Christ. 

What is it going to take to stop worshiping these false idols?

Kyle ended the study saying, "choose this day who you will serve".

Something that everyone mentioned after this god of self was how much we value our time with family or personal time. We fail to reach out to others when it's on our time or when we have a day off of work. Rest and family are important, but so is reaching out to others and being involved.

This was a really great study and even though we finished the videos, we each chose something that has become an idol in our life and decided to keep journals on what we need to work on. In order to fight a battle like this it's helpful to be held accountable, so with the journals and group meeting we will be holding each other accountable for what we need to work on.

This is a great study and I highly recommend it to everyone!

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