Friday, January 11, 2013

It's a Day for a London Fog

I (ironically) had never heard of a London Fog until I moved to Kansas. With the town I live in being so small, there wasn't any type of coffee shop until just over a year ago. One of the shops on main street decided to open a coffee shop in the store. Well I love coffee and everything that has to do with coffee, so when it opened I went there far too much. Anyway, one day the special was a London Fog. Anything with the word London in it has to be good so I ordered the drink special. The only downside to this drink is that it does not involve coffee but tea instead. While I still love my coffee drinks, the London Fog has become one of my all time favorite drinks.

 Here is how I make it:
  • Vanilla syrup (to taste. I don't like mine super sweet like how they make it at the coffee shop)
  • Earl Grey Tea (1 tea bag)
  • Steamed Milk (1/2 cup or more if you want it creamier)
  • Hot Water (1/2 Cup)
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To start brew a typical cup of tea but use half the amount of water. You want a strong Earl Grey flavor so it needs to steep for a few minutes. 

Next, steam the milk.
We have an espresso maker at home but you can make this without the milk being steamed. Steamed milk is definitely better but you can heat the milk and use a frother or just heat the milk. I usually steam a tad more milk so that it is creamier.

In a coffee cup add some vanilla syrup (this stuff is really sweet, it doesn't take much), add your steeped tea, and finish off with the steamed milk. Having done this everything should be mixed together and you can enjoy your first delicious sip of the London Fog.

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Callie said...

Ooo, this sounds really good!

Michelle said...

It's delicious Callie!