Monday, February 18, 2013

The Brushstroke Legacy Book Review

The Brushstroke Legacy
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Ragni Clauson’s work, relationships, and body all seem to be falling apart. And she isn’t convinced that spending her vacation fixing up her great-grandmother’s cabin and supervising her rebellious teenage niece, Erika, will offer any much-needed rejuvenation.

As Ragni and Erika clean, they begin to uncover the secret paintings and life of Nilda, Ragni’s ancestor who lived in the cabin in the early 1900s. Ragni doesn’t know how much she has in common with her great-grandmother, but it becomes clear Nilda faced her own struggles. Taking care of home and menfolk, fighting off locusts, raising her daughter, and finding time to paint in the midst of it all were not easy tasks. Will Nilda’s passion for enduring art re-ignite Ragni’s artistic soul a century later?

Weaving together the stories of three generations of women, The Brushstroke Legacy stirs us to believe that no matter the circumstances, we are called to use our gifts– never knowing when they might bring a stranger to a new place of hope. (Goodreads)

The Brushstroke Legacy by Lauraine Snelling  is a beautiful story about Ragni and her neice and how their life suddenly takes a turn from the typical.
Ragni is going on a relaxing vacation, that is until her mother tells her that their old family cabin in North Dakota needs fixed up. Ragni's vacation ends up  her dragging her teenage neice to the middle of nowhere in order to fix up a cabin that has defintely seen better days. As the story moves on the two women grow and they discover a family secret of an ancestor who lived in the cabin a long time ago. God is evident even with the trials that they face with cancer, alzheimer's, and stessful work situations. This story is so easy to relate to with our every day life and it combines a contemporary story with a historical romance.

I am reviewing this book simply for my blog.

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