Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Tempted Soul Book Review

The Tempted Soul (Amish Quilt, #3)
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The Tempted Soul by Adina Senft is the third book in the Amish Quilt Series.

About the Book

Carrie Miller longs for children, but after ten years of marriage, that blessing eludes her. So she fills her days with caring for her home, making artistic gifts and fancy cakes, and caring for her flock of chickens, every one of whom has a name and who under no circumstances will go in the soup pot. Carrie also finds support in the friendship she shares with her two best friends Amelia and Emma, and relishes the weekly afternoons they share working on their quilts.

Carrie and her husband Melvin love each other, and together have survived many lean years. If not for the kindness of their church community, they would have had to miss more than one meal a day. But now, Melvin has found work that finally provides a good living. Carrie hopes that having more to eat will finally allow them to start a family. Yet month after month, they remain childless. So when Carrie overhears two English women talking in the fabric store one day about medical options available to non-Amish women in her situation, she takes it as a sign from God. Melvin and the bishop see it differently, however. Is it really God's will that she pursue this, or is her longing to be a mother tempting her to stray from her Amish beliefs?(Goodreads)
 My Review
This book was a refreshing Amish read as it looked at life from a completely new perspective. Carrie is a married Amish woman but unlike many of the families around her she does not have any children. The doctor has told her that she is perfectly fine but her husband refuses to have himself checked out. The idea of doing what the English do in order to have children is considered a sin and not natural. While Carrie is considering the idea, her husband refuses and she must rely on her faith in God in a very trying situation. As the story continues God prevails and adds a twist in the story that surprised me.  
God is so good even when it doesn't seem like it at times. He has a much greater plan for a bigger picture that we know nothing about.
I reccomend if you are interested in a different Amish story line and to those who struggle having children.
 "I received this book from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review."

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