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I've Got Your Back: A Leadership Parable Book Review

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 About the Book

If Jesus wrote a book about leadership today, he would tell a story. That's what the author decided when he tore up his first draft. Instead, he wrote a parable about four twenty-somethings who are having major problems with bad bosses. Jack Henderson, a retired Army Special Forces Sergeant and former missionary, begins to teach them Biblical principles about leadership and when they put it into practice at work ... it makes lives worse!

At the end of the parable, the author outlines Biblical principles of fellowship, as well as leadership, because everyone needs to learn how to lead and follow well.

With a forward by John & Nancy Ortberg. (Goodreads)

For a leadership book, this one impressed me with its detail. The first part of the book James Galvin is very creative as it splits the story between the lives of multiple people and how they each cope with leadership. After introducing the read to these people he puts them all in the same Bible study where they learn more about leadership at every angle. I liked this part of the book because what was written on the white board in story is written right onto the page you are reading so you can visualize it. The back part of the book is like a recap of what you just read and how to apply it to your own life. The main part is that the leadership concept is from a Christian perspective and there is a big difference. Anyone interested in leadership, leading and following, should check out this book. 

"I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review."

About the Author

James C. Galvin

James Jim Galvin 
Jim is an organizational consultant specializing in strategy, effectiveness, and change. He is relentlessly focused on releasing the potential of leaders and organizations. His client list spans a wide variety of organizations including foundations, associations, universities, agencies, ministries, congregations, denominations, and businesses.
Jim holds the Doctor of Education degree in Curriculum and Supervision from Northern Illinois University, where the faculty nominated his doctoral research for the prestigious Dissertation of the Year Award. He holds the Masters degree in Christian Formation and Ministry from Wheaton College where he also completed his undergraduate work in Christian Education.
As an author, Jim has written many best-selling books and instructional resources. He has won the C.S. Lewis Medal Award for Children’s Literature three times and has been honored by the ECPA as a Gold Medallion Award finalist fifteen times. His products have been translated into more than thirty-seven languages around the world. He is most well known as the co-creator and co-senior editor of the best-selling Life Application Study Bible.
Jim lives in Elgin, Illinois with his wife Kathleen. They have two adult children. Their son works as an audio engineer and their daughter as a graphic designer. Jim serves as the Chair of the Board for the Caspari Center in Jerusalem which takes him to Israel frequently.


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