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Still Life in Shadows

Still Life in Shadows
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 About the Book

It’s been fourteen years since Gideon Miller ran away from his Amish community in Carlisle, Pennsylvania as a boy of sixteen.  Gideon arrives in the Smoky Mountains town of Twin Branches and settles in at the local auto mechanic's garage. He meets a host of interesting characters –the most recent acquaintances are Kiki, an autistic teen, and her sister Mari. Known as the "Getaway Savior" he helps other Amish boys and girls relocate to life in modern America.
On day the phone rings. On the other end is his brother Moriah calling from Florida. Of course Gideon welcomes his brother to stay with him and offers him a job. But Moriah is caught in a web which ends in his death and forces Gideon to return to the town of his youth, with his brother’s body in the back of a hearse and Mari and Kiki at his side. He must face not only the community he ran away from years ago but also his own web of bitterness. Will he be able to give his anger over to God and forgive his father?(Goodreads)

My Review

I had read a lot of reviews about this book before I received it in the mail. The start of the book I was completely interested. There is intrigue and multiple characters and events happening. After the first few chapters it was difficult to continue to read. I like the main character, Gideon, but he was the only person I really liked. There is an overall sense of mystery throughout the book and it is completely unique from typical Amish fiction. Still this was not my favorite book and I can't recommend it. But seeing all of the positive reviews, others are enjoying it so perhaps you might too!
"I received this book from Moody Publishers for free in exchange for an honest review."


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