Thursday, September 26, 2013

Renovating Your Marriage Room By Room

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About the Book

When considering building a home, couples look for the right architect, right builder, and the right decorator to make their dream house a reality. They work with these people to sketch out plans for the structure of the house; determine what materials to use in building the house; and which decorations to use how to make the house warm and cozy. Accomplishing their goal and making sure they get exactly what they are paying for is in part due to everyone working off of the same set of blueprints and plan while they are exercising their unique talents and skills in getting the house completed. With the same care and even more, couples should invest in building their marital houses. Making sure they are working from the same plan, laying a solid foundation in the process and doing the work needed to keep their house intact and standing strong. In Renovating Your Marriage, Dr. Johnny Parker speaks to you and your spouse about building a house of togetherness brick by brick from the foundation up. He encourages you to consider the two possible foundations upon which marriages are built; then walks you through an inspection of your marital house, room by room. Is your marital house standing on a firm foundation or has it been shaken? Are you in need of a marriage renovation? Dr. Parker wants to help you answer these questions and make the changes necessary to give your love a new look. 

My Review

 I really enjoyed this book. Some marriage books are not helpful or interesting but this book is set up in a way that kept my interest and I think the author has has some great advice and insight from his personal experience. I enjoyed how he broke different topics down by house like, The Bathroom: The Shower of Forgiveness. I would call this a highlighter book because there is a ton of good stuff in here that I had to underline or highlight. 
Great marriage book, I highly recommend to couples!  

"I received this book from Moody Publishers for free in exchange for an honest review." 

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