Monday, November 4, 2013

Living the Quaker Way Book Review

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 About the Book
 Philip Gulley invites us into a bracing encounter with the rich truths of Quakerism—a centuries-old spiritual tradition that provides not only a foundation of faith but also vision for making the world more just, loving, and peaceable by our presence.

In Living the Quaker Way, Gulley shows how Quaker values provide real solutions to many of our most pressing contemporary challenges. We not only come to a deeper appreciation of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, and equality, we see how embracing these virtues will radically transform us and our world.

Living the Quaker Way includes a 30-day spiritual practice that applies the Quaker tradition of Queries.

My Review
 Living the Quaker Way is a book I picked out of interest on the topic. I know nothing about the Quaker lifestyle and while I don't have any intent on being a Quaker it is still interesting to learn about what others believe. This book didn't teach me as much as I had hoped it would. The author says that while there are no certain rules to being an official Quaker, it's about the fact of truly living your faith or just taking the name. I think this goes with any religion. Being a Christian can easily be just a name you tag on to your life or it can change how you live and act. While I don't fully understand Quaker living, and to be honest this book does not shed much light into the matter, the main point I got is living out our faith. If you are in search of learning more about other people's paths, such as Quakers, this isn't the book to read. If you want a very light skimming of one person's ideas on what a Quaker life could be like go ahead and read. I started this book out with an intention to learn more about their lifestyle and ended up being reminded of how to live out my own faith.

 "I received this book from WaterBrook Multnomah for free in exchange for an honest review."

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