Saturday, January 18, 2014

Butterfly Palace Book Review


About the Book
Lilly secures a job as lady's maid in a grand manor in Austin, Texas. But even far from home, her past lurks around every corner.

When Lilly Donnelly arrives at the Cutlers' famed Butterfly Mansion in 1899, the massive house and unfamiliar duties threaten to overwhelm her. Victorian Austin is lavish, highly political, and intimidating, but with the help of the other servants, Lilly resolves to prove herself to her new employers.

Then, while serving at an elegant dinner party, Lilly recognizes one distinguished guest as Andrew, the love of her life, who abandoned her without a word back home. He seems to have assumed a new identity and refuses to acknowledge her, leaving her confused and reeling.

Before Lilly can absorb this unwelcome news, she's attacked. Could it be the sinister Servant Girl Killer who has been terrorizing Austin? Or is it someone after something more personal--someone from her past?

Does she dare trust Andrew to help or is he part of the danger threatening to draw Lilly into its vortex?(Goodreads)

My Review
I really enjoy Colleen's writing, especially the Hope Beach novels. I was so excited about this book and sadly I was very disappointed. The characters weren't very likable to me except some of the secondary people. The overall story line is very much like Downton Abbey so I felt like I had read this story quite a few times before just in a  new setting. I did enjoy the butterflies and all of the details with them, hence the name of the book, there is a lot of butterfly info. There is a twisting mystery that flows through the book and romance neither of which really grasped my attention. The ending of the book was the best part of this read and for a simple historical romance this book was alright. I give it three and a half stars. 

Though I will be looking for more Hope Beach novels from Colleen!

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