Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sarah's Choice Book Review


About the Book

Only one thing stands in the way of Sarah's success . . . her unborn baby.

Sarah Collins is about to receive a promotion that will give her everything she's ever wanted: a huge pay increase, a new car, a fabulous apartment, and first-class travel.

Butthen she discovers she's pregnant. And while she "thinks "she loves her boyfriend, Matt, she isn't sure he's mature enough to be a responsible father. And the job she's pursuing is open only because the previous employee is out on maternity leave. She'd never be able to handle the travel as a single mom.

Torn between advice from her coworkers, the adamant insistence of her mother and sisterthat she keep the baby, her insecurity abouther relationship with Matt, and the void where her father should be, Sarah has no idea how to make this decision.

AChristmas card from a mysterious old woman is the catalyst for three visions of her future-and may just be the miracle she needs. But can she trust the visions? Are they the yearnings of a conflicted heart? Or are they true visions from the God she thought had turned his back on her?

For every woman who has made painful decisions, "Sarah's Choice "offers comfort, wisdom, and hope." (Goodreads)

My Review

Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue are two people I really wouldn't mind meeting one day. These two women writing together has created two wonderful books, this being the second. I really loved this book for so many reasons. I had really high expectations and I would say they were met. The characters are likeable and easy to relate with. The humor is evident, even though the overall storyline is a deep thinker. I liked how God is not written as a horrible man who judges, but that it's the people who think they know better that judge. I enjoyed how realistic the story was with Sarah's thoughts and reaction to finding herself pregnant. I admit the parts with her mother were more challenging for me to read. 
This book has a great flow to it and takes a normal life experience and brings Christ right to the center of things. 
This book talks about abortion, pregnancy, and other personal and sometimes difficult/controversial topics. This is not a light read and I could not put it down!

"I received this book from BookLook for free in exchange for an honest review."

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