Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Heart of the Country Book Review


About the Book
Faith and Luke Carraway have it all. Faith is a beautiful singer turned socialite while Luke is an up-and-coming successful businessman. After taking his inheritance from his father’s stable, lucrative business to invest in a successful hedge fund with the Michov Brothers, he’s on the fast track as a rising young executive, and Faith is settling comfortably into her role as his wife.

When rumors of the Michovs' involvement in a Ponzi scheme reach Faith, she turns to Luke for confirmation, and he assures her that all is well. But when Luke is arrested, Faith can’t understand why he would lie to her, and she runs home to the farm and the family she turned her back on years ago. Meanwhile, Luke is forced to turn to his own family for help as he desperately tries to untangle himself from his mistakes. Can two prodigals return to families they abandoned, and will those families find the grace to forgive and forget? Will a marriage survive betrayal when there is nowhere else to run but home? (Goodreads)

My Review

I didn't realize until I started reading the book that it is based off of the movie and not the other way around. Usually movies are made after books but this one was created from the script. This always throws me off and I ended up not really enjoying the book as much as the movie. 
That being said I did like how the author included more details, I felt like a got a better view into Faith and Luke's life and their personalities. That was the main difference that I enjoyed but the storyline is still very good. I love the idea of this struggling marriage and how people heal even with big issues. 

I rate three stars.


Unknown said...

I didn't realize the movie was written before the book. I received a copy of both the movie and the book for review, read and watched them, and didn't realize this!

Michelle said...

Yeah I didn't either until I read the back of the book and online about the author. I didn't even realize that people did that. : )