Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Book of Revelation Made Clear Book Review


About the Book

A fun and fascinating way to learn about the book of Revelation.

The Bible's final book, Revelation, can seem intimidating or downright impossible to comprehend, even for serious students of the Scriptures.

Filled with complex imagery, vivid depictions of violence, and challenging spiritual references, Revelation is often set aside by readers in favor of more straightforward, easier-to-digest biblical material. Yet the capstone of the canon need not remain a mystery.

In this refreshingly accessible book, Bible scholar and best-selling author Tim LaHaye (originator of the Left Behind series) and renowned puzzle master Timothy E. Parker (editor of the "USA Today" Crossword, and founder of "The Universal Crossword," King James Games, and Master Puzzles) demystify Revelation for your benefit. Absorb this book and discover afresh--or for the first time--the richness of Revelation and its God-breathed, life-changing power to deepen your walk of faith. (Goodreads)

My Review

This book intrigued me because the book of Revelation is an intimidating book to read. There are so many things going on and things that don't make any sense I thought this book would be helpful. I like this book because is actually breaks down the verses and explains what is going on. I didn't realize there were going to be so many quizzes-wow! If you want to have complete knowledge on Revelation this book is great because the reader is quizzed on everything. It's a neat idea, but I wish there weren't quite so many. In the back of the book is a long list of Names for our Lord Throughout Scripture. There is so much info that is obviously taken right out the Bible but put into a better understanding within this book. 
Highly recommend!

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