Monday, September 5, 2016

CFRR: That Time I Flew To Nashville For a Day....

Scarriet Bennet Center where the event took place.

Mary Connealy and Ruth Logan Herne speaking.

Tamera Alexander speaking.

Dani Pettrey standing next to me! AHH!

Kristi Ann Hunter and Myself. Hehe!

Carrie Turansky and myself. Eek!

I apologize for the poor quality in pictures I just had my phone.

I recently had the great honor of attending the first ever CFRR (Christian Fiction Readers Retreat) in Nashville. The wonderful people who set this up are Bonnie, Annie, and Carrie. They thought it would be fun for authors and readers to have a day together-and it worked! It was an all day event which started with a lovely snacky breakfast and getting checked in (awesome swag bag!!). From there is just got more fun! I met some great people and we played games and I won two books, there were a lot of book giveaways going on. The authors spoke and I loved this because now I feel like I understand why they write and more of a connection when reading their books. A delightful lunch was provided and of course authors and readers sat together, SO fun! I have to say Pepper Basham is hilarious and talking with her made lunch even that much better. (By the way you should read her books!)
Now keep in mind we were allowed to bring books for authors to sign as well as buy new books while we were there. So there I am: I have my purse, my huge bag of books I brought, my swag bag, and another large bag of books bought, all hanging off of me. I am sure I looked silly but I mean what is a girl to do when she is fangirling?! The best part?! I wasn’t the only one. : ) It was such a joy to spend time with fellow book lovers and the whole day felt like I was just hanging out with family. The authors were wonderful and fun to talk with. Many of the authors I didn’t know which was neat because now my to-read pile has grown taller. I love finding new authors.
Also, throughout the day we did praise and worship and let me tell you, there is something awesome and humbling about being in a room of people who not only love books but who love Jesus. It was so special.
So that one time I flew from Colorado to Nashville for one day, it was so worth it! I have some great memories and loads of books to read, does it get better than that?!

Oh! And great news, they are doing this again next year!

Some authors I met, as in actually had conversations with…eek!
Laura Frantz (we took a selfie-on her phone!), Dani Pettrey (she remembered my name and I kinda got a little giddy), Carrie Turansky Gabrielle Meyers, Kristi Ann Hunter, Melanie Dickerson, Kate Breslin, Krista Phillips, Pepper Basham, Sarah Monzon, Mary Connealy, Becky Wade, Jan Drexler, Ruth Logan Herne, and DebbieGiusti. AHH!


Amy M. said...

I'm so glad you came and I was able to meet/sit by you (even though I'm not an author - just a fellow fangirl). It was a FANTASTIC day being with other Christian ladies who love Christian Fiction. Enjoyed getting to know you and fingers crossed I'll get to see you at the one next year.

Julie said...

Michelle, what a wonderful fun trip. Thanks for sharing your wind world day (lol)!