Saturday, November 4, 2017

You're Gonna Love Me Book Review


 About the Book

Nick's love of thrills and danger and Samantha's love of safety and security drove them apart two years ago. After her worst fears came true, can they build something new upon the ashes of the past?

Nick Chastain, a brilliant professor of fisheries and wildlife studies at Oregon State University, planned to spend spring break kayaking dangerous rapids in Colorado. But his thrill-seeking ways didn't sit well with Samantha Winters, his girlfriend of over six months. Samantha lost her father in a skiing accident years before and has been fearful ever since. Finally, one argument too many—and a host of harsh words exchanged—ended their relationship. A few weeks later, Samantha emailed an apology, but Nick never replied.

Two years later, Samantha comes to Thunder Creek, Idaho, to nurse her grandmother back to health after an accident. She is shocked when Nick walks into Gran's hospital room and even more shocked to learn that he no longer teaches at the university, a profession he loved with a passion. As Samantha and Nick get to know one another again, Samantha realizes she should use this time in Thunder Creek to evaluate her life—and her fears—and make some changes for the better. And Nick sets out to prove he has changed far more than Samantha might imagine. (Goodreads)

 My Thoughts

As per all of Hatcher's novels, this story has a wonderful setting. I really enjoyed going back to Thunder Creek and meeting new characters. I LOVED the secondary characters possibly more than the main ones, but overall this is a sweet story. I wouldn't call this book totally unique with its story line, at times it got a tad slow for me. I felt like it was similar to other books by Hatcher so I can't say this one is my all time favorite. That being said, Thunder Creek is a place I want to visit.  Fans of Robin and contemporary romance will enjoy.
Four stars. 

"I received this book from the publisher for free. All opinions are my own."


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