Monday, August 5, 2019

My Thoughts on The Killing Tide


 About the Book

When one Coast Guard officer is found dead and another goes missing, CGIS special agent Finn Walker faces his most dangerous and volatile crime yet. His only clues are what little evidence remains aboard the dead officer's adrift cutter, and the direction the clues point will test him and the guard to their limits.

Complicating matters further is the arrival of investigative reporter Harper Grace. An unrelenting journalist who was nearly killed as the result of her last expose, Harper has been sent to Wilmington on the hunch of her boss that the Coast Guard is stonewalling the truth about the officers. An interview with the dead victim's wife convinces her there's a story worth uncovering, even if it means risking her life again.

Thrown together by the heinous crime, Finn and Harper can't ignore the sparks or judgments flying between them, but will they be able to see past their preconceptions long enough to track down an elusive killer before they become his next mark? (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

I have been a fan of Dani's since her first book. The Killing Tide is the start to her new Coastal Guardians Series. I really enjoyed the aspect of the Coast Guard spin in this book. It is a fresh background for a story and I think this series will take us on quite a ride. The start of this book started a bit slow for me. Crazy to say that with suspense but for me it was a slow start. It takes time to figure out all of the characters and the suspense doesn't really start to build until a bit into the pages. Half way through the book I really couldn't put it down. It is obvious who the next book will be about and  the characters are written/presented similar to her other stories. I really struggled with Gabby and her character, she simply wasn't my favorite. The romance side of the book was my least favorite part as it was super rushed and the characters didn't seem to click that way. But all that to say I enjoyed the suspense aspect and the setting and I am super excited to read the next book in the series! 
Four Stars. 

"Thanks to Bethany House Publishers for offering me a free copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review."

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