Monday, December 2, 2019

November Days

The month that seems to start a new season is now past. There where multiple musical nights this month as my man played guitar. We also waited anxiously for some news and were so thankful when it turned out to be good news! I went to an Oils of the Bible class which was fun and I got to smell all the essential oils. We celebrated some birthdays in our family as November seems to be the month of many birthdays. There were some beautiful days of snow that I loved watching out the window. The first snowfalls of the year are always special. Thanksgiving we hosted in our home this year and it was a success. Family came for the day and we managed to eat way too much and send everyone home with leftovers. Our turkey turned out especially good in my opinion! 
I sit here on a very chilly day with the wind howling in anticipation of decorating for Christmas. I wait until after Thanksgiving to delve into the Christmas decor and traditions. This next month will fly by and I am hopeful I can enjoy the moments that make this month special. 
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I wish you a happy month of December!

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