Saturday, August 21, 2021

Cinders Like Glass

About the Book
Grieving her father's sudden death, Lady Ada Whitworth's childhood stutter resurfaces. She seeks solace in her charcoal sketches secretly published in London's Thames & Times newspaper. Her brother's sharp tongue and quick temper shame Lady Ada into complete silence but not before she overhears his traitorous plot to kill the queen at the upcoming International Ball.

Mute and heartbroken, Lady Ada's private pain is mistaken for arrogance, earning the ire of society.The Duke of Girard is tasked with sniffing out the elusive French spy called Tailor while an anonymous artist pokes fun at the duke's failed pursuit, taunting him every step of the way. With the upcoming International Ball just weeks away, the Duke will stop at nothing to bring stability back to his beloved Britain-including finding the artist behind the sketches.

When Lady Ada's accused brother disappears, she becomes the target of the Duke's wrath, assuming her silence is from guilt, not grief. To loosen her tongue, the Duke demands Lady Ada be interrogated at his estate, a home hidden in the wild Welsh countryside. She sweeps the chimney, launders her clothes and helps the cook-she will do anything but speak to the Duke.

Lady Ada's quiet service softens the Duke, his mind often turning to thoughts of her. But can he earn Lady Ada's trust in time to save the queen? (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

After reading Clarissa Kae’s first Victorian Retelling on Beauty and the Beast I was eager to read this second book that is a spin on Cinderella.

The first few chapters had me fully engaged and while there is a lot going on from page to page you are left with some mystery. I liked Ada’s character a lot and the cruel brother made a fantastic twist.

Midway through the book I wasn’t quite as invested as the story seemed to slow down a bit but I still enjoyed this retelling through the last chapter.

There are some unexpected characters and plot points that I thought made this a very unique story. Cinderella has never been a favorite of mine so I was happy to have it re-told in this way.

The Duke wasn’t my favorite character and I think that is why part of this story got a little slow for me.

All that to say I really did enjoy this book and the setting. The author has done a great job at making these stories fun and distinctive.

I look forward to the next book that comes out and I recommend reading this new series!


Four Stars.


“ I received this book for free from the author. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.”


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