Sunday, January 30, 2022

A Stolen Heart Review


 About the Book

 A Victorian twist on Robin Hood.

Nikolas Whitworth, the Earl of Rochelle, is handsome, charming—and a traitor. He can outwit and outcon any Englishman, or Englishwoman for that matter. When his debts are called in, a savior appears, the criminal mastermind known only as the Tailor. Nikolas is bought and sold, his future no longer his.

Abandoned as a baby because of her heart condition, Rosalyn Devereaux trusts no one. She secretly dresses as a stableboy to inspect the horses and place bets. Without fail, her chosen horse wins.

When the Tailor orders Nikolas to kidnap the mysterious stableboy, he discovers the beguiling Rosalyn. He is captivated and utterly smitten, but Rosalyn refuses to be a pawn in the Tailor’s schemes.

Nikolas has a plan to escape, but can Rosalyn trust her future—and possibly her heart—to a conman? (Goodreads)


My Thoughts


Having read a couple of other books by Clarissa Kae I was excited to read this one. This is a twist/retelling of Robin Hood. I really loved the overall idea of this book and the characters. The first part of the book I really enjoyed. I loved getting to know Rosalyn and really had no clue where to story was going. There are some clever scenes in this book that I enjoyed especially when Rosalyn disguises herself. The second part of the book seemed a little choppy. I wasn't really sure what was happening and the story seemed to jump all over the place. All that to say, by the end I was happy to discover what happens to the characters and the "mystery". I knew some of what was to happen but was pleasantly surprised on the ending. 

If you enjoy fairy tale twists and the Victorian Era this is the book for you! 

I recommend reading this entire series as it is simply fun! 

Four Stars. 


"I received this book from the author for free. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review"

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