Sunday, July 23, 2023

A Lady's Promise Review


 About the Book

For orphaned New York socialite Isabella De Vries, finding a husband has become imperative. After unsuccessfully navigating four Seasons, it’s time to enlist the help of an old family friend to find her a suitable match. She trusts Preston implicitly, but his solution is both unconventional and he himself will marry Isabella in name alone so that she may be the sole beneficiary of his inheritance when he succumbs to the disease that will soon take his life. His plan solves everyone’s Isabella will be cared for, and his inheritance will be protected from his irresponsible younger brother, Prince. There is no love left between Prince Baxter and his older brother. When he hears that Preston is going to marry Isabella, Prince knows he will have to charm his way into friendship with Isabella if he wants to see any portion of the inheritance money. His plot, however, quickly crumples to pieces as he and Isabella establish a genuine connection―and he makes the mistake of falling in love with her. (Goodreads)

 Available September 5, 2023

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My Thoughts

I do not like any type of love triangle in a story. They are frustrating to no end. This book isn't exactly a love triangle but VERY close. I had imagined this book taking a different direction than it did so I was pretty surprised part way in to find that it was going in a direction I was not expecting. I really wanted to love the plot line and overall story but I just could not. Isabella is a decent character but I really like Preston most of all. Even with his faults he does what he thinks is best no matter what. He is a strong character that holds the pages together. There are some great scenes that deal with grief and caring deeply for friends. I think friendship shines a bit in this book and I love that part. The romance is what I did not care for and I didn't think it was handled in a redeeming way. This was an okay read and just not my favorite, though I am sure many will still enjoy it. 

Three Stars. 

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