Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Unsinkable Review


About the Book


The Titanic was only the beginning. What she survived has become legend.

Violet Jessop is Miss Unsinkable.

Violet is a stewardess and wartime nurse who not only survives a shipwreck but also two sinkings, one on the infamous Titanic. No one can understand why she would return to sea, but Violet is simply trying to survive. Her childhood was fraught with illness and death in her family. Her distraught mother is too ill to work, that responsibility falling to Violet as the oldest of nine. When the world enters the Great War, she becomes aboard as a nurse, helping men who could very well be her brothers. But disaster strikes again, this time as the Britannic strikes a mine. Miraculously, Violet survives, but her obligation to her mother and siblings still remains, leaving Violet to wonder if she'll ever be able to put her tumultuous life at sea behind her and pursue a life and love all her own.

Daphne has survived calamity of her own.

Daphne Chaundanson grows up as an unwanted child after her mother died in a tragedy. She throws herself into education, collecting languages like candy in a desperate attempt to finally earn her father’s approval. When the Special Operations Executive invites her to be an agent in France in World War II, her childhood of anonymity and her love of languages make her the perfect fit. She sees it as an opportunity to help the country she loves and live up to her father's expectations. But unthinkable moments of challenge and resilience change Daphne in ways she could never expect, including an eye-opening encounter where she must come to terms with the secrets in her own past.

Two unsinkable women. Two stories of survival, family, and finding one’s own happiness. One connection that reshapes both their lives forever. (Goodreads)


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My Thoughts

 I have always been intrigued by the Titanic and any other ship disasters. I had not heard of Violet Jessop and didn't realize until I read the historical details at the end of the book that she was a real person. Wow! What a life she led and a story that was created. Granted this is not a biography and many parts are fiction but the details that are fact really surprised me. The first part of the story was really difficult for me to follow and I was so confused where the story line was headed. It seemed really choppy and I LOVE dual time line novels and this one seemed very thrown together-at least at first. About half way into the story it takes a turn and I was able to be more invested because I finally knew what was happening. The ending is a bit rushed and unrealistic but I smiled while reading it anyway. I liked the historical timeline and a peek into what life might have been like during both world wars. I did enjoy this story, it just took me a bit to get into. I know many will love this book and those that enjoy historical fiction will be excited to pick this one up!

Three Stars. 

"I received this book from NetGalley for free. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review."

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