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The Winged Tiara Review

About the Book

 After a hasty wartime marriage and an even quicker divorce, two jewel thieves risk it all to obtain the grandest prize of them all, the last Valkyrie tiara, but their hearts may have something else in mind.

It was a match made in champagne-soaked heaven, but all too soon the bubbles dried up and divorce papers were issued just in time to ring in the end of the Great War. Jewel thieves and ex-lovers Jasper and Esme find themselves circulating among the elite of British aristocracy where the diamond-lined pockets are ripe for picking. But when the last Valkyrie tiara ever created becomes the talk of the season neither will stop to obtain it, not even when they inadvertently find themselves in the middle of a game of cat-and-mouse where their lives are suddenly at stake.

Bestselling author J'nell Ciesielski's latest novel combines her signature blend of thrilling adventure, glamorous atmosphere, and sweeping romance in a story readers are sure to be thinking about days after turning the final page. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

This story takes you right into Europe during the flashy 1920s. The author does an excellent job in portraying the attitudes, styles, and popular society during the time. Everything from the outfits to the smoking this book covers what you would expect from a 1920s time frame. This story reminded me a lot of the movie Fool's Gold which stars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey only in a historical context. It is labeled as historical fiction but this story is very much a romance and boasts a silly adventure type feeling that doesn't really feel like typical historical fiction. You follow the two main characters in hijinks across countries as they lie, cheat, and steal their way through life only this time they are both looking for the same item. It is a typical lovers to enemies to lovers romp that had a bit more spice to it than I was expecting. This book is very different from the author's other novels and honestly I never know what to expect with her writing as no book is similar to the next. While I did enjoy this story for the most part, I was pretty disappointed in the character growth and lack of morals as a whole. As a reader I was frustrated most of the time with Esme and Jasper wasn't a hero I would want to look up to. It was just a bit disappointing in that aspect. The setting and silly treasure seeking adventure was entertaining.

Three Stars. 

"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own and I was not required to write a positive review."

*Please understand that this is not Christian fiction and it doesn't claim to be aside from the publisher. I read this book as if it was secular fiction because that is how it reads. 

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