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The Lady Glass Review



About the Book

 Nothing shapes glass like fire.

Theresia Dvorak has nothing left of her parents—nothing save her dowry, a priceless crystal vase stolen and sold by her own stepmother. Theresia will do anything to secure what is rightfully hers—even assume a false identity and steal her future back. When she gains entrance to a house party and has a memorable run-in with the handsome naval captain Rolland Reese, her mission is compromised. She swore never to trust an Englishman again, but when he makes a daring proposal she cannot refuse, she must work side by side with him if either of them is to achieve their aim.

Rolland is stunned when his homecoming from the war takes a decidedly deadly turn. The quickest solution is to throw a house party and invite all the suspects. With the stakes incredibly high, Rolland must root out the killer before they turn their sights to the next potential victim: his own father. The mysterious Theresia is undoubtedly the most suspicious of his guests, but against all odds, he finds himself risking everything to protect her. As Rolland unravels a tangle of clues, he faces the greatest threats of all: a heart of fire and a future as fragile as glass. (Goodreads)

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My Thoughts

I have enjoyed the other fairy tale re-imaginings by this author so I was pretty excited to find out she wrote this new book! The first few chapters are really fun and I love how the two main characters meet and interact. It is fun (granted a little over the top) but a great way to start this novel. By the middle of the book I was just really puzzled on Theresia's "why" and her motivation to obtain an object that is the central plot point of this book. It seemed a bit strange and while I admire her stubborn side I really struggled being fully captivated and caught up in the story. There is a mysterious side to things and that helps moves things along but for me this was a little bit of a slower read. There is some humor and I think the author wrote those scenes perfectly. The romance is sweet and a slower build up to the ending which I did actually appreciate. Overall this is a decent read it just isn't my favorite by this author. 

Three stars. 

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