Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beautiful On the Mountain Book Review


About the Book

If you enjoyed the classic novel Christy and the bestselling Mitford series, then you’ll love Beautiful on the Mountain, a real-life tale about serving God in unlikely circumstances. In 1977, Jeannie Light left her fine plantation home amid heartbreak and came to Graves Mill, a tiny hamlet in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Alone in an utterly new kind of life, Jeannie was determined to find the courage to make a fresh start.

To Jeannie’s surprise, she found herself called upon by her new neighbors to open the old, deteriorated country church, a place that had once united the fractured community of mountain folk. With no training, and no small amount of trepidation, she undertook the task. And as she embarked on an unforeseen series of adventures, from heartbreaking to hilarious, Jeannie would learn more than she ever expected about faith, loving your neighbor, and doing the work that God sets in front of you. Because sometimes, God calls us to go where there is no path . . . and leave a trail. (Goodreads)

My Review

This book is a good one, but it most certainly did not make me think of the classic Christy. This is a young woman's memoirs so it is read like a biography. The book focuses on her time after her divorce and living in the country in Graves Mill. I really loved the first part of the book but when theology and seminary details started in full force it was more difficult to read. Jeannie does not become a pastor but she leads the people of the valley, starting with a Bible study. I think many people could read this book and pick it apart on what is theologically sound and look to different doctrines. I read this book and I found a woman who finds herself completely out of her comfort zone in the country surrounded by people who need love. She chooses to trust God and love and grow the community. She helps, she is honest, she doesn't need a fancy house, and she teaches others right from the Bible.
I love the setting and the story line is very well written. I really enjoy reading about other's lives and this book was very good. There were a few slow parts but it all came together and is a great testament to trusting in the Lord.

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