Thursday, July 10, 2014

Secret of the Prince's Tomb Book Review

About the Book

"The Egyptians believe that whoever opens a tomb will be cursed!" The hot sun and sand of ancient Egypt await Patrick and Beth in their next Imagination Station adventure. The cousins are caught between a terrible ruler and a nation bound for slavery. To help their new friend Tabitha, the cousins must seek out a great secret--one that will give hope to her family and future generations. Their search takes them to an ancient burial vault and . . . a mummy! But the vault is a confusing maze, filled with traps and mysterious symbols. Will the cousins ever get out again to share a life-changing hope? (Goodreads)

My Review

Egypt is holding a new adventure for Patrick and Beth in this 7th Imagination Station book! I really liked the point of view on this book. Usually all the stories are based upon things that happened before and after this time period but this books placed them between Joseph and Moses time. Very interesting to see how Egypt was after Joseph died, the Hebrews were free and taken care of. Now things are starting to get scary when the kids witness some people being beaten. This will start the time of when they become slaves and before Moses comes to save them and take them out of Egypt. The kids meet Pharaoh's son and Tabitha, a young Hebrew girl. They end up in a tomb but aren't sure whose and they are really surprised once they find out.
This is a great story and very well written about this time period.

Highly recommend!

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