Thursday, January 12, 2012

H20 Bible Study

During the past few months, Chance and I have been a part of a Bible study that we started with my boss and her husband. We meet once a week, and it has been such a blessing. This past week we started a new series that is made by City On a Hill Productions called H20. It is a video series, each are about 30 minutes long, and Kyle Idleman, the speaker is also a pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.

The first video is called "Thirsty" and talks about being thirsty for something more in life, it's like a longing for God. Idleman tells a story, in this case it was about a wedding ring, and relates it to his message.
 I really enjoyed the first study we did this past week and I think it is something that really makes you think.I will post more through the weeks as we go through them.

There also a video series called "Not a Fan" which we will start after the H20 videos.

Check it out! H20 Video

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