Monday, August 4, 2014

Night Mare Book Review


About the Book

A class assignment—to blog—gets Ellie’s horse Dream noticed. Ellie and her family believed that the Pinto was a “runaway” horse without a home. But now the owners want him back. How will Ellie deal with losing her beloved backyard horse? (Goodreads)

My Review

This book is great! I haven't read the rest of the series and this is a new author to me. I have read many other young adult horse books and this one I really liked. There were a lot of details that young folks will like and also one of the characters uses sign language so they add pictures so the reader can see how it works! There is also a list of words in the back on horse terms with definitions. 
This story is great with bringing trusting in God through it's pages. Using Bible references, Ellie realizes that having her horse taken away is something that she needs to trust God with. 

Great book and I highly recommend!

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