Friday, September 12, 2014

Honest Thankful Moms

I've been getting rather irritated about people and the constant complaint about having children. We don't have kids yet, while there is a constant pressure from everyone in society to have them.
Then I log onto Facebook, get a text from a friend, visit a friend, read a blog post, and all I hear is negative. "Oh just you wait until you have kids you won't get anything done." "Oh I haven't sat down to watch a movie because our house is so crazy with kids."
"If I could just get away from the kids!"
"I'm so glad my kids are back in school, they drive me crazy."
I understand being tired and needing a break or needing to vent to a friend.  I'm talking about the constant complaint.
Honestly for a culture that pushes for others to have children they sure don't act like they are a blessing.
 I'm sick of children being made out to be mistakes and life enders.
After hearing these complaints on pretty much a constant daily basis, why in the world would I ever want kids?!
For you moms, that while you are tired with the youngsters, you are thankful.
You don't continually grumble.
You don't make those of us feel like we never want kids.
Thank you.

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Heather @ Simple Wives said...

It's always discouraging to see people talk negatively about their kiddos. I love being a mom, and we see our daughter as bringing a whole new level of adventure to our marriage!! ;-)