Monday, December 14, 2015

Our Trip to Asheville

 I didn't take very many pictures this trip, mostly because one day I forgot my camera and also you can't take pictures inside. But we since we had been here before we knew what to expect and it was a great trip!
The entire house was decorated for Christmas, which was really pretty to see. The best part was the tours that we took. Last time we didn't go on any extra tours so we went ahead and did the roof tour and the butler tour. Since we are both history nuts we LOVED touring the behind the scenes and hearing about the incredible architecture. The details that went into building this estate are amazing for the time period. If you haven't heard of this place look here!

 This is the outside view of the large winding inside staircase.
 From the roof tour, it was a bit steep. 

 We also did the wine tour which happened to include a wine tasting. : ) That was quite fun and it is possible that we ordered wine and had it shipped back home....
So that was our short trip to Asheville and I would go back!

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