Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Newsmakers Review


 About the Book

Television reporter Erica Sparks has just landed her dream job at Global News Network. Beautiful, talented, and ambitious, Erica grew up dirt poor, worked her way through Yale, and is carrying a terrible secret. She moves to Manhattan to join GNN, leaving Jenny, her adored 7-year-old daughter, in the custody of her ex-husband. Erica’s producer at the network, Greg Underwood, is handsome and compelling. Scarred by her divorce, Erica is wary of romance, but there’s no denying the mutual attraction.

On one of her first assignments, Erica witnesses a horrific Staten Island ferry crash. Then she lands a coveted interview with presumptive presidential nominee Kay Barrish. During the interview Barrish collapses. Erica valiantly tries to save her with CPR. The footage rivets the world—GNN’s ratings soar and Erica is now a household name.

But she’s troubled. What a strange coincidence that both events should happen on her watch. It’s almost as if they were engineered. Is that possible?

Erica’s relentless pursuit of the truth puts her life and that of her daughter in danger. Her investigation leads her into the heart of darkness—where the future of our democracy is at stake. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

Lis Wiehl writes good suspense and I have really enjoyed her previous novels. This book, while good, was not as suspenseful as her previous stories. I did find the story line intriguing though because of the behind the scenes look at a “news maker” and TV. Some of the themes went a little far in my opinion (a man’s fantasy about his coworker) and some of the references I didn’t think were necessary. Aside from that I found the character of Erica to be interesting and I think she really grew throughout the book.
This book was enjoyable and had some mystery but not what I would call suspense.
Four stars.

“I received this book from Booklook Bloggers for free in exchange for an honest review.”

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