Saturday, May 20, 2017

English Lessons Review


 About the Book

Could She Come to Love the Questions Themselves?
The church wasn't just a part of Andrea Lucado's childhood. It was her childhood. It provided more than happy moments. It provided an invitation to know Jesus.
When Andrea arrived in Oxford the year after she graduated from college, she expected to meet God there. What she didn't expect was that God would be much bigger than she'd believed.
In this engaging memoir, Andrea speaks to all of us who wrestle with doubt and identity. -So many nights in Oxford, - Andrea writes, -I felt like the details of my faith were getting fuzzier. Nights turned restless with questions. I questioned God's existence, and the doubt was getting into my bones.-
In English Lessons, Andrea takes us through the roads of England and, more importantly, the paths of the soul. Here she explores the journey of a changing faith and an unchanging God--and why growing up starts with realizing just how small we are. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book. Andrea had some great stories and thought provoking comments on Christianity and our lives today. The book focuses on her college years at Oxford and the cultural differences and how she had to decide for herself why she was a believer. The first part of the book I enjoyed the most and it got a bit slow in the middle. I think that I could relate to this book because of how I was raised, for others they might not. One main thing that I found to be important is how she kept saying she was a Christian because her dad was. This was part of her struggle and how she searched for more than that. While thankful for her upbringing, it is important for everyone to believe in something because of their own studies life lessons. Why do you believe what you do? You aren't a Christian just because your parents are. So I am glad the subject was brought up and I enjoyed reading Andrea's journey. 

Four stars. 

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