Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Books with Sensory Reading Memories Top Ten Tuesday!

This topic from Top Ten Tuesday is tricky for me to think about but I could definitely think of some books that took me back to a certain time and place. I also am reminded of different people with different books, usually because of the conversation we had about said book. So without further ado here are my top ten books that have reading memories! 

 So this book takes me right back to when I was super little. I contribute my love of reading to my mother reading this series to me. I remember the exact moment when she sat me down one evening (I had just hurt myself and she was trying to calm me down) and started to read. I love this entire series and it is one that I treasure!


This was what I consider to be one of the first Christian fiction books that I read. It got me started in reading this genre and Deeanne remains one of my favorite authors. 


This is also one of the best loved series of all time and one of the first Christian fiction books I read. I was able to meet Janette Oke a couple of years ago which I figured made my life complete. She is the best! 

A good friend of mine let me borrow her copy of this book when I was a young teen. It is still probably my favorite book. 


 This Mandie Series holds some of my best memories. I LOVE all of the Mandie books and I really need to read them again. I was thrilled to get many of them for my 12th birthday and that will always be a special memory for me.

 So this book was my moms and of course I had to read it because it is set in a town right next to where I grew up. So basically my back door, and not many books are set in that area. So this book reminds me of where I grew up, my mom, and also the Heartsong Presents Series makes me think of my best friend. We were obsessed with these books for a long time. 


This book and actually the entire series makes me think of my sister in law every time I see the books. She recommended them to me and I have been hooked ever since! 

I attended the first CFRR (Christian Fiction Readers Retreat) and sat next to some super fun women. The one gal couldn't stop gushing about how great this book was, and we happened to meet Kate Breslin while we were there. This book reminds me of the good times I had at CFRR. 


 My mom and I have always wanted to visit PEI and last year that dream came true! Before our trip I had read this book and emailed Liz telling her of our upcoming trip and asking her where we should go. She emailed me back with many ideas and it was so fun because I saw ads for her books while we were there! Also, we were right next to the house on the front page of this book near downtown Charlottetown so we got to see it in real life! Good memories! 


 This book makes me think of my husband because it is one of the few books that we have both read and discussed with each other.

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