Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ho-Ho-Nooo! Book Review


 About the Book

"Ho-Ho-NOOO!" is all about TJ Finkelstein learning the real meaning of Christmas as she prepares for her future as a world leader with a little help from her 23rd-century goofball friends, Tuna and Herby. In a competition with her middle sister, TJ races to earn money so she can give it to her father as a Christmas present; he's lost his job and the family is preparing to spend their first Christmas without their mom. Thanks to Tuna and Herby's help at her job interview, where their futuristic gadgets expose the true motivation of each candidate, TJ lands a job at the mall--making kids smile for Santa and eventually playing (a much smaller) Santa herself. That job turns into a nanny gig for pop star Lady Goo-Goo's spoiled and unattended kids. She also takes on a delivery job to help with dreamy Chad Steel's plan to provide a hearty meal for the homeless on Christmas Eve . . . only to find herself delivering caviar cream puffs on the whim of TV star and classmate Hesper Breakahart. Despite all her work, her efforts to get money for Christmas backfire, but in the end TJ realizes Christmas is really about being with those she loves and sharing the love God has given through Christ. (Goodreads)

 My Review

 I really enjoyed this book (even though it obviously is not Christmas time). This book takes you into the life of TJ a week before Christmas and she has no gift for her father who has just lost his job. She feels like she needs a better gift that what her sister is giving him so she sets out to find a job. She becomes Santa's helper (with the help of the 23rd-century) and ends up running around taking care of kids and getting lots of opportunities to make money. Meanwhile everyone around her keeps telling her spend more, it is California after all. 
While this book is meant for young adults there is some humor in here that had me cracking up. There are some underlying comments that really add to the story and make it all the better. 
In the end TJ realizes that the money doesn't work like she thinks it will and realizes Christmas means a lot more. 
This is a great book I highly recommend!

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