Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Veil of Secrets Book Review

 About the Book

"Knowing that one of the authors is a life coach with a counseling degree who portrays the experience realistically, may make readers who are considering a step in that direction feel more comfortable making that choice." --"Romantic Times"

Can a woman face--and forgive--her own painful past before her house of cards crumbles . . . and before her own daughter makes the same mistakes?

Melanie and Will Connors are the perfect power couple. Will is the chief campaign strategist for a rising presidential candidate; Melanie is a prominent advocate for protecting children in an over-sexualized culture. Their devotion to one another is admired, even envied.

But their marriage isn't what it appears to be.

Will maintains an apartment in Washington DC, and over the years his visits home have grown fewer and farther between. The long-distance marriage has enabled Melanie to avoid intimacy--and has only increased her shame about her secretive past. But then Will issues this ultimatum: We work on the marriage . . . or we work on the divorce.

The Connors commit to marriage counseling in the most brutal of environments--snowy New Hampshire, a tiny state that is 'first in the nation' for presidential primaries and a prize to be won at any cost . . . and the price of victory keeps rising.

As Melanie sifts through the debris of her secretive past, she obsesses over the fear that she hasn't done enough to protect her teenaged daughter. When she sees her facing some of the same temptations she knows she must intervene . . . but how can a woman with so many veiled secrets guide a daughter honestly?

While the country struggles with threats to its integrity and security, Melanie can no longer ignore the dangers looming in her own world. She can never undo the mistakes of her youth, but perhaps she can still save her marriage and family--if she can surrender her guilt and learn how to open herself to her husband once again. (Goodreads)

My Review

This is the first fictional book I have read by Shannon so I wasn't sure what to expect. In typical Ethridge fashion she does not shy away from real life and what happens in a marriage. The first part of the book I was really intrigued and excited to read the book. The story line started right off and I slowly started to understand the characters. Then it started switching between many people. While the marriage between Will and Melanie is the central part of the book and I really enjoyed reading about Carrie who has her own crazy life going on. 
I liked the real raw emotions about life and marriage and family. This book is all set during a Presidential Primary season so it's very political and many times I had no idea what was going on. This book reminded me a lot of the TV show Scandal only with a Christian back ground. It still holds all the drama of long lost secrets that happen to be uncovered in order to ruin the other candidate. 

This was a decent read, though I probably won't read it again.  

I rate it four stars.

 Look for this book July 8, 2014!

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