Wednesday, November 21, 2012

City on a Hill-gods of Money

Kyle Idleman started week four with the gods of money and one man's life. This man started out slow and started to make tons of money with a new company venture. His job and new found wealth took him away from his family and money became all he focused on. Money in itself is not good or bad, but when it becomes something that you think about constantly it becomes an idol.

There is a common question of "how much is that person worth?" "How do I compare to others?"

The wealthy man stated that he had,"a little Jesus and a lot of money", which is what a lot of us try to do. Make God smaller than He is and pretend to take over control.

Is worship and serving the same thing? It is easy to worship one god and serve another. You can go to church and say all the right things and worship but who or what are you serving?

You can't serve God and money or God and something else. Do you trust in God? What have you put your trust in? 

This was a difficult week for me as money is in almost every aspect to our lives, that is simply the truth. This is one of my worries and I feel like I need to be in control, especially when it comes to money. These questions I have to ask myself repeatedly.

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